Updated 11 months ago

The Vendor SKU is the unique code the vendor uses to identify a product. 

SellerCloud lets you save Vendor SKUs from multiple vendors for a specific product, lets you search products by Vendor SKU, and print the Vendor SKU on a Purchase Order when submitting the order to the vendor.  

Vendor SKUs and Vendor Prices can be imported from a tab delimited file; see the attached import file for download:

  • SKU column refers to the SellerCloud Product ID
  • For Vendor, enter the vendor's name (if the Vendor exists in SellerCloud, it will match it by name)
  • The column "Is Default Vendor For Product" is set to 1 for true and 0 for false.  

You can see a list of Vendor SKUs for a product by clicking 'Vendor Prices' from the product sub-menu. If the product has a default vendor set, the Vendor SKU is visible on the product's purchasing page.


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