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Updated 1 year ago

SellerCloud has an option to create new orders by processing email notifications using regular expressions. This is often used when there is no direct way to integrate with a specific shopping cart. Once the email credentials are set and the regular expressions are set the orders will be imported automatically on a scheduler. This can be set once per company. If this is needed for multiple websites, then multiple company profiles will be needed.

This is set up from Company Settings->Download Orders Via Email
  1. Click 'Add new setting' link and enter the POP email credentials. Also, set the channel that the new order should come in as, for example 'Website'.
  2. Test the email credentials, to insure that SellerCloud can connect to the mailbox
  3. Go to ManageExpressions and enter the regular expressions. For example, to grab the TimeOfOrder from the email HTML you could enter a regular expression like <b>Date\:</b>\s*</td><td align="left" valign="top" nowrap>\s*(?<TimeOfOrder>(?:.*?))\s*</td>
  4. Test the regular expression by clicking the link on the top right of the page 'Test Expressions' You can paste any HTML from an order and then see how the order is created from that information. Each possible case will need to be tested. For example, test multi-line orders, orders with tax and without tax, with shipping fees and without etc.
  5. Click button to create order via regular expression and review saved order.

See attached example HTML email and corresponding set of regular expressions. This email originated from a Miva Merchant email notification.




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