Import FBA Inbound Shipments from Seller Central

Updated 3 weeks ago

Please read first! This topic explains how to import FBA inbound shipments from Seller Central into SellerCloud's Delta version. For instructions in SellerCloud's original version, download this file.

FBA inbound shipments that are created in Seller Central are easily imported into SellerCloud.

Why create these shipments in Seller Central? This is typically done if sellers want Amazon to prep an item. In this case, because there is no API call for item preparation - only item prep guidance - the shipment must be created in Seller Central, with Amazon chosen for the item prep, and then imported into SellerCloud. 

Be aware that for accurate inventory management, while you can create a shipment in Seller Central for this purpose, you must ship it from within SellerCloud.

If you import a shipment with kits, you may want to enable Auto Assemble Kit When Importing FBA Shipment in the Client Settings. Learn more about kit assemblies.

Note: When you created the shipment in Seller Central, if you already chose how to send the box content to Amazon (feed, printed box labels, or none), this information will not import from Seller Central to SellerCloud.

To import the shipment:

  1. Create the FBA inbound shipment in Seller Central.
  2. Complete the shipping plan process and approve the shipment. 
  3. In SellerCloud, search by "Import FBA inbound shipment" or click Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Import FBA Inbound Shipment.
  4. Enter the Amazon Shipment ID > click the blue arrow to preview the shipment.

    Enter an Amazon inbound shipment ID to preview it before importing it to Sellercloud
  5. The shipment preview appears. When ready, click the green icon to import the shipment.

Previewed FBA inbound shipment ready to import into Sellercloud
The Preview page may show important information about possible import issues, such as "kit not set as Independent," "SKU doesn't exist in SellerCloud," and "SKU is not set to FBA." You can resolve these issues and preview the shipment again to confirm their resolution.

The shipment will import with a Working status. You can also see the imported shipment on the Manage Shipments page.

FBA inbound shipment imported successfully into Sellercloud with a working status

Sellercloud's Manage FBA Inbound Shipment page showing an imported FBA inbound shipment

If the shipment was already shipped from Seller Central, it will import with a Closed status, and inventory will be removed from the regular Ship From warehouse. A movement record will show in the Inventory Movement page.

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