Import FBA Shipments from Seller Central

Updated 2 years ago

FBA Inbound Shipments created on Seller Central can be imported into SellerCloud. This is most often used when a seller wants Amazon to prep an item. Because there is no API call for item prep (only Item Prep Guidance) the shipment would need to be created in Seller Central with Amazon selected to do the item prep and then imported into SellerCloud. 
While the shipment can be created in SellerCentral, the shipment must be shipped from within SellerCloud for inventory to be managed accurately.

Please Note: If you are importing a shipment with kits you may want to enable client setting Auto Assemble Kit When Importing FBA Shipment. Read more about kit assemblies here.

How to Import FBA Shipments from SellerCentral

  1. Create the shipment in SellerCentral
  2. Complete the shipping plan process and approve the shipment. 
  3. In SellerCloud, open the FBA Inbound Shipment page and press Create New Shipment.
  4. Add a description and create the shipment.
  5. Open the action menu and select Import Shipment from FBA. Press Go
  6. On the following page, enter the FBA Shipment ID.
  7. Press Preview Shipment
  8. A page will display important information that could become an issue if the shipment is imported, such as a kit not being set as independent, a SKU not existing in SellerCloud, or the SKU not being set to FBA. After previewing the shipment, the issues can be resolved, and then the import can be previewed again to confirm resolution, and imported.
  9. The shipment will import with a "Working" status. If the shipment was already shipped from Seller Central, the shipment will import as "Closed" and inventory will be removed from the regular Ship From warehouse. A movement record will display in the Inventory Movement page.
    • Please note: Box Content  is not available in the API and will not import from Seller Central.

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