Walmart Marketplace Properties Overview

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The 'Walmart Marketplace Properties' page is where Walmart product attributes can be set on a specific product so that it can be posted to Walmart Marketplace. Inventory settings, like safety qty, for Walmart Marketplace can be configured there as well.
The required attributes for posting to Walmart Marketplace are noted with a red asterisk. Hovering your mouse over the Red X will reveal an "Required Attributes Missing" message. After selecting the product's category, you will also see category specific attributes that you can fill out.

Updating Walmart Marketplace properties in bulk 

Multiple products can be edited and made ready for Walmart Marketplace in bulk through the Bulk Update Products page. 
You can use the Export Channel Missing Information feature to export a ready template with column headers for Walmart Marketplace.

* Walmart Enabled Products that are not Walmart enabled will be considered, for the Walmart Inventory Feed, to have a qty  zero.
 Merchant SKU Defaults to ProductID. However, in case of SKU mismatch in can be edited to match the SKU code on Walmart Marketplace. The Merchant SKU is  sent to Walmart.
 You can also use the old SKU field to change the SKU on Walmart. See below.
 Old Merchant SKU Can be used to change the Product SKU code on Walmart. When value is entered, a SKU override with be sent when product is posted and the product code will be changed to "Merchant SKU". The old SKU field will then be removed from the "Old SKU" field. Use the column header WalmartAPISKUOverrideValue for bulk updates.
Safety Qty  Helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting the set number of units from the available quantity.
Max QtyTo enable the Max Qty click on the checkbox. When using Max Qty you can specify the maximum units sent to the channel. Default value for the company can be set on the Walmart Marketplace company settings.
 Enable Default Qty Reveals qty field. Enter qty to be used when product is marked as Replenishable. Defaults are set on  the  Walmart Marketplace Setting page.
 List Price MSRP. Used in conjunction with Price Discounts
 Walmart Price Selling Price on Walmart. Check "Use Default" to use the Site Price.
 Walmart Price to Post:  Displays the Walmart Buy Box Price and Buy Box Shipping Price. Price is pulled automatically, but can be retrieved manually to get most recent price. Action Get Latest BuyBox  Price on Walmart Marketplace Properties pages. 
 Enable Repricing
 Stop  Loss Price Percentage
 Enables repricers and sets minimum price percentage. Read more here.
 Price Discount Type Used for Walmart Marketplace Promotions. Defaults to "Base" (regular price) type. To list a discount with a comparison price, select from the following options:
 The comparison price will be pulled from the "List Price" field.

  • Clearance - Adds a Clearance badge, the price (the actual sale price), and a comparison price on the item page.
  • Reduced - Functions the same as clearance, but with a Reduced badge on the item page.
 Price Discount Display Type  Used for Walmart Marketplace Promotions.

  • SubMAP Cart - Displays the price on the checkout page only.
  •  SubMAP Checkout - Functions like SubMAP cart, except that the price only displays for a customer who is logged in and is in the  checkout.
* Fulfillment Latency Lead time to ship - The amount of time it takes to ship the order from when the order is placed. Defaults  are set on the  Walmart  Marketplace Setting page. This attribute is included into the Inventory feed.
 Please Note: Unless your items involve special processing (like furniture or personalized items), your fulfillment lag time must  be set to 1  or 2 days.
 Units per Consumer Unit Indicates the Multi Pack qty.(e.g., pack of 6)
  Tax Code The Product Tax Code. Walmart Marketplace tax codes are numerical values. A default product tax  code can be entered on the Walmart Marketplace settings page
 Learn more about how to apply tax codes and download updated tax codes here.  
* Short Description If none entered, will default to Product Name
* Long Description
 Bullet Points Pull from bullet points on Amazon Properties page.
* Ship Weight Weight of product + shipping package
 Shipping Dimensions 
* Parent Category Main category 
 See link to get best categories
* Child Category Sub Category
* Manage Attributes (button at top) Based on Category selection. Required fields are highlighted. See below on bulk updating products  with Walmart Attributes. 
* UPC, ISBN, EAN A universal product code is required for listing on Walmart Marketplace. Typically used is the UPC. By default, SellerCloud will now validate the UPC when posting a product to  Walmart, If UPC is invalid, like not enough digits, an error will be thrown. This allows the poster to be informed at  the time of posting instead of getting  rejected by Walmart later and receive a complex error message.
 Controlled by client setting "Validate UPC while posting to Walmart Marketplace".
 Image File size must not exceed 1MB.

Walmart product description

Walmart product descriptions can be set in various ways. 

Import Walmart Marketplace attributes

Products can be updated in bulk with Walmart attributes using a file import.
  1. Go to Inventory > Import Products > Import Product Info > Import Walmart Marketplace Attributes.
  2. Download the template.
  3. Populate with Category Name and Attribute Name and Values. (Expected values are alphanumeric) The category field is required because attributes are category specific. See link to get best categories
  4. Import on this page. 

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