Target Account Integration

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SellerCloud and Target communicate via EDI documents passed through a VAN (Liaison account).
  1. Enter the identification and qualifiers on the Target General Settings page.
     Customer ISA Qualifier Enter ZZ.
     Customer ISA ID Typically, the clients phone number is entered.
     Target ISA Qualifier Enter ZZ
     Target ISA ID Supplied by Target
     Target Seller ID Supplied by Target (referred to as Vendor ID)
     Supplier/Warehouse ID Supplied by Target
     Warehouse Code Supplied by Target (referred to as EDC)
  2. SellerCloud Support will set up a Liaison account for the client.
  3. Enter FTP info. This information is supplied by SellerCloud Support.
    • FTP Server
    • FTP Username
    • FTP Password
    • FTP Port - 990 by default.
  4. Enter a safety quantity if applicable.
  5. Enter a Default qty for replenishable products if applicable.
  6. Check the Target Enabled checkbox. 
  7. Enable the automatic controls below after EDI has been tested and you are ready to ship orders. Inventory should be enabled only after you're certain that your inventory is accurate and the products are "Enabled for Target". 

Note: See instructions about setting co-op fees here for dropship

EDI Documents
The following EDI documents are transmitted between SellerCloud and Target. Each document needs to be tested and approved before you can go live with Target.

  • 846 Inventory Upload - Updates inventory
  • 850 Order Download -  Purchase order document from Target. Contains customer order info. 
  • 997 Order Functional Acknowledgement - Acknowledges receipt of order.
  • 855 Order Accept  - Sends to Target one of two messages. Either that the order has been received and will be shipped, or the order has been rejected and is being canceled. The document is sent immediately in response to the 850 order file received. Channel setting "Auto cancel order with no inventory" will auto send a cancellation notice if they're not enough inventory available to fill the order.
  • 856 Order Fulfillment Upload - Notifies Target of shipping and provides shipping date/time and tracking
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated
  • 865 Acknowledgement to a Purchase Order Change Request 

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