Adjusting Inventory

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Please read first! For information on this function in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

Check out this short tour on setting and adjusting physical inventory on individual products in our original interface!

Understanding inventory adjustments

You can easily adjust the physical quantity of a product when needed. For example, if a product was damaged in the warehouse, you simply adjust the inventory to reflect one less by entering -1. If you found more inventory that was previously not entered, you would adjust the quantity accordingly to show more. 

Click here to read about setting the physical inventory.

Under the Reports Tab, you can generate an inventory adjustment audit to track all quantity adjustments made to any product in your system.

Adjusting inventory

Adjusting individual product inventory
  1. Select the Product Detail page > Toolbox > Warehouse.
  2. Go to Adjustments. Click the pencil icon.

    sellercloud inventory product details warehouse adjustments
  3. Click the plus icon to Add Adjustments.

    sellercloud inventory product details warehouse inventory adjustment
  4. Complete Warehouse, Qty to Adjust, and Reason. When adjusting the quantity, you must select whether to add or subtract from the recorded inventory. You can also select or type in a reason. Typing in a new reason will prompt you to save it for future use.

    sellercloud inventory product details warehouse adjustment window

To make an adjustment, you must choose an adjustment reason. Adjustment reasons can be saved under the Settings tab by clicking Inventory Adjustment Reasons.
  1. When complete, Save Adjustment.
Adjusting inventory in bulk
  1. Access Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  2. Select Import Inventory Adjustments > Download Template.

    sellercloud inventory import inventory info import inventory adjustments
  3. Populate the columns in the downloaded template.

    sellercloud import inventory adjustments excel template example
  4. Save your file > return to Sellercloud > Click to upload file > Import.

    sellercloud import inventory info upload file

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