Adjusting Inventory

Updated 1 year ago

Setting and Adjusting Physical Inventory

Adjusting Inventory is used for adjusting the quantity of a product when the physical quantity is not necessarily known. For example, if a product was damaged in the warehouse, you would simply adjust the inventory to reflect one less by entering -1. If you found more inventory that was previously not entered, you would adjust the quantity accordingly to show more. 

To adjust inventory:

  1. On the Product Detail page, click on the Product Warehouse link.
  2. Open the Adjust Inventory tab. 
  3. Select a warehouse, and enter an adjustment quantity. To make an adjustment, you need to select an adjustment reason. Adjustment reasons can be saved under the Settings tab by clicking on Inventory Adjustment Reasons. All adjustments will be save in the grid below, and will include the quantity of the adjustment, when it was adjusted, and who made the adjustment. 
  4. To adjust inventory in bulk, click on Warehouse Inventory Adjustment on the Inventory menu, and download the template. Import the file on this page.  
  5. Under the reports tab, you can generate an inventory adjustment audit to track all quantity adjustments made to any product in your system.
Click here to read about setting the physical inventory.

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