Client Settings

The client settings page offers a variety of settings that can be used to optimize your multichannel integration to meet your operational preferences.

eBay Client Settings
eBay Settings
Allow to bypass Listing Schedule Rules
Enable eBay Inventory Control
Fixed Price Inventory: %
Do not show Unused Paypal Payments before Date  <
Do not show Unknwon Product orders before date 
Allow auto revise of changed eBay Items.
Enable eBay Scheduled Listings
Enable eBay Listing Posting
Enable eBay Blackout Dates
eBay Gallery thumbnail size: x and  images per row.
Add Border around the eBay Gallery.
Enable eBay automatic feedback
Try to utilize re-listing credit
Auto merge orders for combined payments
End Listings for eBay Disabled Products
Enable client wide unique ebay title (for same SKU)
Enable client wide unique ebay title (regardless of SKU)
Use Matrix Main product image if child product image is missing
Enable Sub title for eBay Listings
Enable eBay Gallery Kit Item images repeatation
Enable eBay Gallery Kit Item images water mark for quantity
eBay description Supplemental image max height: , Width:
Post all product images for eBay listing
Round off discount values for display in listing.

Listings velocity control

Limit Listing New Item  seconds.
Limit Listing New Item for same SKU  seconds.
Limit Revising Item  seconds.
Limit Revising Item for same SKU  seconds.
Limit Ending Item  seconds.
Limit Ending Item for same SKU  seconds.

Amazon Client Settings
Amazon Settings
Create products from Amazon listings
Generate Country Specific Shadow (non-US)
Round Currency Conversion to 
Currency conversion adjust factor: 
Re-use last currency conversion upto  minutes
Allow to auto download Amazon products.
Generate Amazon Products Shadows
Shadow Product Format:
Enable Amazon re-pricing raw data download.
Enable safeguard for AFN inventory update.
Strip - or . from Amazon Orders to match Merchant SKU
Show link for Product ASIN
Auto create PO for FBA Shipment
Allow multiple tracking number upload (if available)

Inventory Control Settings
Inventory Control
Always show product left menu
Enable multiple Warehouses
Use Site Price if channel price is missing for product.
Matrix item SKU Generation mask: 
Enable images copy on Shadaow product clone
Enable images copy on product clone (simple)
 Enable UPC copy on product clone (simple)
 Enable Title copy on product clone (simple)
Always Show Custom page as the product home page.
Copy kit properties on product clone.
Inventory search default to only active products .
Always require inventory adjustment reason
Require adjustment and stop physical inventory over-ride
Enable inventory audit date for products
Remember product search popup settings
Show Location Notes on product search
Show SiteCost instead of LastCost in Product Picker
Use Product Summary as Product home page
Require subcomponent scan in scan and ship

Shipping Client Settings
Shipping Settings
Consider Puerto Rico order as local order
Charge Tax on Shipping
Charge Tax on Gift-Wrap
Allow partial shipment of Order

Orders Client Settings
Orders / Order Manager
Enable Multiple Shipping packages
Always show advanced filters on Order Manager
Enable per customer wholesale pricing
Auto Create Products from OverStock Orders
Display order items in Manage Orders Grid
Display shipping method and tracking number on invoice
Enable per customer WholeSale pricing
Verify Shipping address of Orders
Enable FBA Shipping
FBA Shipping Default Comments: 
Sort Invoice Product IDs alphabetically
Mark order as Pending DropShip if out of inventory
Auto create PO when dropship requested
Allow Merchant Calculated Shipping
Display Picklist filters
Divide SiteCost for Order Kit Items
Filter System notes on order
Show Shipping Method in DropShip PDF
Show Original Shippingmethod requested in DropShip PDF
Show OrderSourceOrderID in Dropship PDF

General Client Settings
General Settings
Always show company settings left menu
Show saved searches on dashboard
Show all saved searches on dashboard
Show new customers on dashboard
Show new orders on dashboard
Default Company dropdown to Current user company

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