Jewel Properties

Navigate Product > Toolbox > Jewel Properties to configure attributes that are unique to jewelry including size and diameter in multiple metrics. Chain, Clasp and Back finding included as well, plus ability to create matrix.

  • General tab includes eBay properties.
  • Amazon tab  for Amazon specific properties.
  • Images
  • Magento Properties
To upload in bulk, navigate Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Jewelry Properties. Download Template. There are four tabs on the template with definitions, actual template, examples, and valid values.   

Handmade Jewelry Category on Amazon
This category is separate from the Fine Jewelry category. Although the products are configured with a size dropdown, it is not handled on Amazon as a Matrix comprised of children products. Rather, it is treated as a simple product. As long as the single SKU has inventory, all sizes will be available. This is most likely because these products are made on demand.

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