Pending Order Reserves

Updated 7 months ago

SellerCloud can import ordered item quantities before the order itself is imported and created in SellerCloud (that is, before a new order has been paid). 

These are known as "pending order reserves," which can help prevent overselling by reserving ordered items faster than they would otherwise be reserved, thereby ensuring those quantities are not sent to the other channels. 

After reserves are imported, inventory will also be updated more often in order to push this corrected inventory to your channels.

To see pending order reserves on a product's Inventory Movement History, go to Manage Inventory > Product > View Movement. Show me where.

Enabling for Amazon

To enable for Amazon:

  1. Select Enable Amazon Inventory Update Service based on Pending in the Client Settings.
  2. Click Settings > company > Toolbox > Amazon > General Settings > select Enable All Orders Report (Pending Orders).
  3. The information for Amazon pending orders will be imported using the regular Amazon service, which will already be running on your server.

Enabling for eBay

To enable for eBay:

  1. Client Settings > select Enable eBay Pending Order Service.
    Note: You must contact SellerCloud Support to start the eBayPendingOrderService on your server. 

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