Wayfair Account Integration Questionnaire

Updated 3 months ago

When integrating your Wayfair seller account with Sellercloud, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire. Below are these questions and their answers for the form.

Please read first! For information on how to integrate Sellercloud with Wayfair, refer to our article Wayfair Account Integration.

  1. If Sellercloud is sent a PO level flag to indicate B2B PO's and the discounted B2B price, will Sellercloud be able to consume this and process B2B PO's?

  1. Can Sellercloud's system handle more than one price per SKU concurrently?

  2. How does Sellercloud handle B2B pricing or dynamic pricing with other retailers?
    We do not deal with B2B or dynamic pricing. Users negotiate prices with the channel. Once this price is set, the channel can decide how much to charge their customers for a product. But the user will always be paid the amount agreed upon between themselves and the channel.

  3. When does Sellercloud check to make sure the price on the Purchase Order is correct?
    We don't check. Sellercloud does not ensure accurate pricing on a Purchase Order. That is reconciled by the user.

  4. Does Sellercloud's system require an exact price match or approximate price match for an order to be processed correctly?
    Approximate price match. Our system will process orders as long as they fall within a certain acceptable range and differences will be resolved at a later date.

  5. If an invalid price were sent to be on a PO, what would Sellercloud's system do upon receipt of the order?
    Other. The order will be passed through anyway.

  6. How would Sellercloud's system handle the following situation: A PO comes over with two items. One has a Joss price (with an event ID), one has a B2B price. We will flag the PO as B2B. Would you be able to process both of those items at the correct costs? Or would your system think that they should all be B2B prices?
    Other. The prices will be processed as they are received from Wayfair.

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