Third-Party Billing to Wholesale Customer Account

Updated 8 months ago

This function currently works for UPS accounts only. 

When shipping to wholesale customers, you can bill the shipping charges directly to the customer's account. Note: This is separate from regular per-channel third-party billing.

All of the following conditions must be met in order to bill the customer's account:

  • Order is marked as a wholesale order by either:
    • checking the Wholesale Order box at the top left when creating the order, or
    • when importing orders under the Wholesale Channel
  • Customer is a wholesale customer
  • Customer's default carrier is used on the order (see #5 below)

To set up wholesale customer third-party billing:

  1. Go to Customers > choose the customer in grid to open their General Information.
  2. Check Enable Customer shipping account > Save.

  3. From the side menu > Shipping Preferences
  4. Enter the customer's Account # (and meter number, if applicable).
  5. Choose a default Shipping Carrier (followed by the shipping method) > Save Preferences. The customer account is only billed if the shipping carrier on the order matches this default carrier.

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