Third-Party Billing to Wholesale Customer Account

This function currently works for UPS accounts only. 

When shipping to wholesale customers, you can bill the shipping charges directly to the customer's account. Note: This is separate from regular per-channel third-party billing.

All of the following conditions must be met in order to bill the customer's account:

  • Order is marked as a wholesale order by either:
    • checking the Wholesale Order box at the top left when creating the order, or
    • when importing orders under the Wholesale Channel
  • Customer is a wholesale customer
  • Customer's default carrier is used on the order (see #5 below)

To set up wholesale customer third-party billing:

  1. Go to Customers > choose the customer in grid to open their General Information.
  2. Check Enable Customer shipping account > Save.

  3. From the side menu > Shipping Preferences
  4. Enter the customer's Account # (and meter number, if applicable).
  5. Choose a default Shipping Carrier (followed by the shipping method) > Save Preferences. The customer account is only billed if the shipping carrier on the order matches this default carrier.

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