Vendor Central Shipping Workflow Warehouse Addresses

Updated 4 months ago

By default, the ship from address used for communication with Vendor Central on the routing, tracking, and labels is the address set on the warehouse in SellerCloud.

To edit that address, click Settings > Warehouses > Click Edit on the warehouse > Edit the address as needed > Save.

SellerCloud also offers an option to set different warehouse addresses for each warehouse per company. So, if you have multiple Vendor Central accounts and you use different warehouse addresses for each one, you can set up those addresses per company to have SellerCloud pull the correct address per account:

  1. Click Company Settings > Toolbox > Vendor Central Settings > Warehouse Mapping. A list appears with all your warehouses and address fields for each one. By default, Use Default Address will be enabled, and that will use the regular warehouse address (from Settings > Warehouses).
  2. To use a different address for a particular warehouse, uncheck the Use Default Address field and then enter the full warehouse address, including First and Last Names.
  3. Be sure to click the Save Settings button on the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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