Updating Profit & Loss with the Updated Item Costs

When adjusting or updating the cost on an item, the following steps have to be taken to reflect on the P&L for the related orders. This can be done on a single order or in bulk.

On a single order

From the Action menu select ReCalculate Order Cost and click Go. After receiving the message "Order Cost re-calculated successfully", select the "Re-generate P&L" icon from the P&L tab and wait for the message "P&L re-generated successfully".

On bulk orders

From the Mange Orders page, search for orders with the specific SKU or SKU's. Next, check off "Select all pages" and select Re-Calculate Order Cost from the Action Menu and click Go, which will create a queued job. After the job is complete, go back and select "Generate P&L" from the action menu and click Go, which will create a queued job. When that is complete the orders will be all set.

Note: When searching for the orders, "Max Records:" should be set to a higher number than the number of order records found and "Order Date Range:" in the Advanced Search should be set to "All Dates".

Important: Check with support when selecting "Generate P&L" on 5000 orders or more.

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