Bonanza Account Integration

Updated 2 months ago

  1. Access Settings > Companies > Manage Companies > choose your company.
  2. Select Toolbox > Bonanza > General Settings.
  3. Click Edit. Go to Credentials.
  4. Enter your Booth Name (not the booth URL). You can check this on the Bonanza site when viewing your profile. The link to check this should look like this********/profile (********* is your profile ID).
  5. Select Actions > Fetch Token. The token will appear in the Token field with an expiration date.
  6. Select Actions > Verify Token.
  7. Check Bonanza Enabled.

    sellercloud bonanza general settings credentials
  8. Add a default Safety Qty if applicable.
  9. Add a Default Qty for for replenishable items if applicable.
  10. Select all of the following boxes: Enable Order download, Enable tracking Export, and Enable inventory and Price Upload
Do not enable these options, especially Inventory Upload, until you are certain that products are ready for Bonanza.  

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