Rubber Stamp

Updated 2 years ago

DaZzle has a feature called rubber stamps, which allows shippers to add customer order related information or messages to the shipping label layout files. ShipBridge can populate values into rubber stamps. The following rubber stamps are available:
Rubber stamp 1: SKUs of all items
Rubber stamp 2: Order ID
Rubber stamp 3: Number of unique items (empty if only 1)
Rubber stamp 4: Order source order ID
Rubber stamp 5: Order source
Rubber stamp 6: Station ID
Rubber stamp 7: Total number of items
Rubber stamp 8-15: Product qty, SKU, and name
Rubber stamp 16: User ID
Rubber stamp 20: Location Note
Note: The SellerCloud order number is also included as the ReferenceID, so it is visible in the DaZzle postage log.

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