Credit Card Processor Overview

Understanding credit card processors Setting up a credit card payment processor allows you to accept credit card payments. The payment processor refers to the company that handles the processing of purchases made with credit cards. Some payment processors assist with technology needs and customer service as well, acting as middle-man […]

FBA Planning Page

The way an item is sold on FBA can differ from the way it is purchased from the vendor. Sellercloud’s FBA Planning feature links FBA “need-restocking” items to the related purchase orders and includes processing information, so when these items are received from the vendor, they can be processed immediately […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Alpha

Introducing 2FA Simple to use, 2FA ensures that your valuable data is protected with two layers of security and that Sellercloud is in full compliance with all of the marketplaces. Learn more about Google 2-Step Verification. Here’s how it works in Sellercloud: The first time you log into Sellercloud: Enter your account […]

Average Cost

This article provides the following information: Definition of Average Cost Resources for advanced info about Average Cost Two types of Average Cost and their calculations Difference between Average Cost and Gross Cost Introducing Average Cost Average Cost is the cost of units continually averaged from the price on the PO […]

Amazon Global Express

Introducing Amazon Global Express Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services (MWS) supports Amazon’s Global Express orders in the US. Global Express is an end-to-end global export program that enables sellers to list, sell, and deliver products door-to-door, from your US warehouse to customers anywhere in the world. When you join Global Express, […]

Sample Template for All Amazon Document Failures

Below is a sample template that you can use to receive failure notification and error responses for all Amazon document upload failures, including inventory, price, order cancellation, order refund, etc. The placeholders will pull the response from the Amazon uploaded documents. The template must be assigned to the AmazonUploadedDocumentProcessingFailure for it […]

FAQs About Reports

Check out these Reporting Enhancements! This topic contains answers to many general questions that can introduce you to SellerCloud’s powerful Financial Reporting Suite. Be sure to also watch this one-minute Reports Introduction video. Creating a report How do “accounting” reports outside Sellercloud compare with financial reports in Sellercloud? The difference is […]

Customizing Search Filters and Grid Columns

Check out this short tour on customizing your filters and grid results to quickly maximize all of your search results! Learn how to save a custom view to convenient reuse. See Sellercloud’s complete library of video tutorials for the Delta interface! Sellercloud offers powerful custom filtering and display features to […]

Amazon Transparency Service

Amazon Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual products in order to prevent counterfeit items from reaching your customers. The Transparency service offers: Proactive counterfeit protection— Amazon has implemented Transparency checks to proactively prevent counterfeits of Transparency-enabled products from reaching customers. Authenticity verification by customers— Transparency allows […]

Connecting with Zapier

Connect Sellercloud to hundreds of other apps with Zapier! Zapier lets you connect Sellercloud to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Each Zap has one app as […]