Bulk-Update and Custom Export Column Headers

Tip: Column names are case-sensitive. Amazon columns COLUMN DESCRIPTION AmazonCategoryID Numeric code associated with Amazon categories. AmazonConditionNotes  Description of product condition to be sent to Amazon. AmazonEnabled  Value of TRUE will send inventory. Value of FALSE will send a zero quantity. AmazonEnabledOn  Date the SKU was set as “Amazon Enabled.” AmazonEnableShippingOverride  […]

Integrating Power BI and Sellercloud Platforms

Understanding platform integration requirements Power BI platform integration is only supported on dedicated servers​. If you are on a shared server you will need to upgrade to a dedicated server. You will need a VPN account to connect to SQL Server with read-only access. Please contact the SellerCloud support team […]

Overview of Power BI

Understanding Power BI Power BI is Microsoft’s interactive data visualization and analytics tool for ​business intelligence (BI)​. As a business executive, you can use it to pull data from a wide range of systems in the cloud, such as Sellercloud (which you will integrate with Power BI), and on-premises and […]

Company Settings Overview

Understanding the Company Settings page This page is separate from the Client Settings page. The Client Settings page focuses on your customer settings, while the Company Settings page deals with your company alone. (If you have multiple companies, each one has its own Company Settings page; see below.) This page […]

Google Shopping Settlement Reports

Understanding Google shopping settlement reports Settlement reports detail transaction-level credits and debits between you and Google. These details may feature refunds, appeasement, and commissions, and others related to your activities. You can download your reports as a CSV file. Also, keep in mind that you can download settlement reports for […]

UPS WorldShip Setup

Configuring UPS WorldShip in ShipBridge To use UPS as a shipping carrier in ShipBridge, you can configure it by choosing UPS WorldShip or UPS Web Services as the shipping generator. This article will guide you through the steps of configuring UPS WorldShip in ShipBridge. You will also learn how to use a consignee […]

Lot Number and Expiration Tracking

Introducing Lot Numbers and Expiration Tracking If you sell perishable items and need a way to track their shelf life, Sellercloud lets you easily track lot numbers and expiration dates. You can make sure expired products are not reaching your customers. Learn how to add and manage lot numbers and […]

Resend Tracking and Invoice Information

Resending tracking information For direct channel integrations, tracking information will be sent automatically once the order is shipped. For plugin integrations, you can resend your tracking to the channel by executing your scheduled task manually or waiting for the next task to run. Alpha Follow the instructions below to resend […]

Import Matrix from Amazon

Variation listing can sometime be imported from Amazon. If the Variation parent ASIN is available in Amazon Product Access catalog, you’ll be able to import the entire variation configuration with all product information available from Amazon. The variation parent may not be available from Amazon. Inventory > Import Product Info […]