UPS WorldShip Setup

Configuring UPS WorldShip in ShipBridge To use UPS as a shipping carrier in ShipBridge, you can configure it by choosing UPS WorldShip or UPS Web Services as the shipping generator. This article will guide you through the steps of configuring UPS WorldShip in ShipBridge. You will also learn how to use a consignee […]

Import Matrix from Amazon

Variation listing can sometime be imported from Amazon. If the Variation parent ASIN is available in Amazon Product Access catalog, you’ll be able to import the entire variation configuration with all product information available from Amazon. The variation parent may not be available from Amazon. Inventory > Import Product Info […]

Description Templates

Check out this tutorial about creating eBay description templates in the Alpha interface. Understanding Description Templates Description Templates let you create reusable listing templates so you don’t have to write a new description each time you want to sell something on a channel. Templates ensure that you give your clients […]

Fixed Price Listings on eBay

Understanding Fixed Price listings eBay offers sellers the ability to post Fixed Price listings to their eBay stores. This lets buyers purchase individual or multiple items immediately at the set price. Unlike an auction, buyers cannot place bids on Fixed Price listings. In Sellercloud, Fixed Price listings can be posted […]

Managing your eBay Store

eBay Business Policies overview eBay Business Policies are account-level policies for shipping, payment, and return details. You can have multiple policies for each policy type, with the option to select the preferred policy for each listing. The policies inform customers about how sellers manage payment options, shipping services, and returns. […]

Getting Products Ready for eBay

Check out this video on eBay properties in Sellercloud’s Alpha interface. Understanding eBay-ready requirements Numerous settings are required for a product to become eBay-ready. Some of these required settings may also be available on the product’s main Product Summary page. Some of these include Brand, Long Description, and Product Weight (lbs […]

Managing Products from eBay

Utilizing eBay’s catalog Sellercloud recommends getting an Open Auth Token to ensure the features below work properly. The eBay Catalog in an online library of details and images used for a variety of products across different categories. It lets you quickly create professional listings using product information such as brands, […]

Integrating Your eBay Account

Integrating eBay Linking your eBay seller account with Sellercloud is straightforward and requires two key procedures:  Integrating your eBay account Configuring your eBay settings in Sellercloud You should have an eBay Seller Manager Account, which is a free upgrade from eBay that enables you to view and manage custom labels, among […]

Managing eBay Orders

Sellercloud’s intuitive interface makes managing your eBay orders easier than ever. From your Sellercloud account, you can manage unpaid orders, customer feedback, and even rush services without needing to log into your eBay seller account. Setting up order download and tracking upload Orders from your eBay seller account can be […]

Requesting an FTP or VAN from Sellercloud

Understanding FTP An FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a standard method of transferring files from one system to another. This could be to exchange information between users or move information from a computer to an online server. It can be accessed from anywhere and organized into directories that act […]