Managing ASINs

Click here for information related to Sellercloud’s original interface. Getting an ASIN Aside from manually entering an ASIN on the Amazon Properties page, individually or through a bulk upload, Sellercloud has several tools/actions to pull an ASIN directly from Amazon. Find ASIN on Amazon Properties page (Action Menu)— searches Amazon […]

SKU to SKU Transfer

SKU to SKU transfer allows you to transfer physical inventory between two products. Enable client setting ” Enable Inventory Transfer from SKU to SKU” under Settings > Client Settings. Navigate to the Inventory tab and select Transfer Between SKUs  from the top menu. This tab shows previous SKU to SKU […]

Gift Cards

Please read first! This topic explains the use of gift cards in SellerCloud’s original interface. Gift cards are not currently supported in SellerCloud’s new Delta interface. Gift cards can be assigned to customers and used as a payment in orders. Using gift cards requires selecting Enable Order Gift Certificates/Cards in […]

Disconnect Inventory vs. Disable Inventory

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are 2 options to help you control your inventory levels, enter vacation mode, or just put a listing on hold: Disabled for channel (Amazon and eBay only) – When a product is not enabled for Amazon or eBay, but has an […]

Rakuten Settlements

Note: Rakuten is still referred to in SellerCloud by its former name, Rakuten settlements can be imported into Sellercloud from the Rakuten integrated company’s Toolbox > settings > Settlement Import.

Shipping to Puerto Rico , Guam , Virgin Islands

Orders for Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands may import as international orders in SellerCloud. This is controlled by these Client Settings: Consider Puerto Rico Order as Domestic Order Consider Guam (GU) Orders as Domestic (Virgin Islands, VI) In ShipBridge, when shipping to Puerto Rico via USPS, the country code […]

Company Custom Columns per Channel

Sellercloud lets you set Custom Columns on a company level.  These can be set from the Admin tab or can be created by Sellercloud Support. Once created, they are accessed from your Company Toolbox > Custom Settings Per Channel.  This functionality allows flexible customization options, but also requires a specific plugin […]

Sell on Staples

Staples API integration SellerCloud integrated with Staples via API. The integration page is located in your company Toolbox > Staples > General Settings. The API is used for the orders feed. Inventory is sent via the FTP provided by Staples. Picklist is being generated by plugin. Fill in the required […]

IP Filter for Employee Security

For better security and control over your employees actions you can enable IP filtering on their accounts. First you need to enable the Client Setting Enable IP address filter for employees. Enabling it by itself does not trigger any restrictions, it only allows you to set them per user. When […]