ConnectBooks Integration

Delta Alpha Overview ConnectBooks is an integration tool that connects your accounting software to Sellercloud. Integrating Connectbooks with Sellercloud lets you sync your data across multiple business platforms, helps streamline your workflow, and provides a comprehensive view of your finances.  ConnectBooks provides detailed financial analytics and reporting, automated bank reconciliation, […]

SKU to SKU Transfer

Delta Alpha Overview SKU to SKU Transfer is a seamless method for transferring physical inventory from one product to another. It is typically used when a product is being rebranded, refurbished, or when inventory needs to be consolidated from one SKU to another. One common use case for this transfer is […]

Product Alias

Delta Alpha Overview A product Alias is an alternative reference of a given product that allows you to track and manage your product inventory across multiple channels. Adding Aliases to a product makes it easier to find it in the system and in the warehouse. Add Aliases An alias can […]

Amazon Account Settings Configuration

Delta Alpha Overview This article covers your company’s Amazon General Settings and links to different other related articles. Integrating your SellerCloud account with Amazon allows you to manage your listings, inventory levels, orders, and fulfillment, as well as track financial performance. By automating key processes and customizing the workflow, you can […]

3PL Central Integration

Overview 3PL Central (formerly known as Swan) is a third-party logistics (3PL) solution that allows your warehouse team to automate routine tasks and will handle the shipping for you. This connection between 3PL Central and Sellercloud is done through plugins and scheduled tasks. With the integration, you can also access […]

Shadow Products

Delta Alpha Overview A Shadow Product is an alternative product profile for an item. Creating a shadow lets you manage separate listings and details for a single product and is often used when maintaining multiple listings for a product on a single marketplace or when managing multiple fulfillment settings for […]

Import Shadows

Delta Alpha Overview A Shadow Product is a type of virtual product. It “shadows” a real product (Parent), and its inventory count is linked to an actual inventory SKU, but it can have its own alternative product profile. Shadows let you manage the details for a single product while maintaining […]

Co-op Fees for Dropship Channels

Delta Alpha Overview Co-op fees for Dropship Channels are fees paid to the Dropshipper in exchange for their services. These fees typically depend on the size of the order and may include a percentage of the order value, a flat fee, or other.  The Dropship fees are included in the Order […]

eBay Item Specifics

Delta Alpha Overview Item Specifics enable sellers to highlight important details about the item listing. Item Specifics are displayed within your listing’s description, giving buyers information about the listing in an easy-to-read format. Item Specifics that are not on your product may appear on listings if you list through the […]