Reebelo Account Integration

Delta Alpha Overview Reebelo is a leading online retailer of new and refurbished phones, tablets, and other electronics. You can integrate your Reebelo account with Sellercloud through customized Profiles and Scheduled Tasks. The workflow allows regular Inventory and price updates, order import, and tracking export. You can sign up for […]

Word2PDF Labels

Delta Alpha Overview Word2PDF is a convenient Sellercloud feature that lets you generate and print customized Product Labels directly into PDF format. You can build your own custom template by following the steps in this topic. App Setting EnableWordToPDFProfile must be enabled for this workflow! Contact Sellercloud Support to ensure […]

OK to Ship Workflow

Delta Alpha Overview Depending on your preferences and the structure of your operations, you can implement an additional verification step into your workflow for processing orders. For example, if you prefer to have a manager verify orders before allowing them to reach your Shippers, they can mark orders in Sellercloud […]

Consolidate FBA Inbound Shipments

Overview  FBA Inbound shipments refer to the process of sending your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, where they will manage and store your inventory. Learn more about the initial FBA Inbound Shipments configuration here. Typically, Amazon often splits your inventory across multiple locations. With the use of this workflow, you […]

Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) Workflow

Delta Alpha Overview Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) allows Walmart to pick, pack, ship, and deliver orders with a 2-day delivery guarantee. In this article, you will learn how to use Sellercloud to manage your WFS orders. Sellercloud views WFS as a separate channel from Walmart Marketplace. Sellercloud downloads WFS orders […]

Kit Products

Delta Alpha Overview Sellercloud supports the creation of kits. A kit is comprised of products called Components or Children. The combination of these products is sold as a single item. Kits can consist of multiple units of a single product or a group of different products. Kit Types You can […]

Splitting an Order

Delta Alpha Overview The Split Order action divides an order into two separate orders. This is useful when order items need to be shipped from different locations or when a partial payment is made. Orders can be split in Sellercloud or in Shipbridge. Split Orders in Sellercloud The Client Setting […]

Channel Integrations Through Mirakl

Delta Alpha Overview Mirakl is a marketplace-platform technology, which uses an API solution to help website retailers partner with third-party sellers, in order to grow their online offerings and expand their market reach. You can use Sellercloud with any Mirakl integration, such as BestBuy Canada, and Catch. See the full […]