Adding SKUs to an Order

Adding SKUs

In Sellercloud, you can easily manage every step of the ordering process and even return to make adjustments. For example, if there is a missing product on an order you can simply add the SKU from the order details page.

It’s important to note that:

  • All active SKUs in the related company can be added to an order.  

  • Inactive SKUs cannot be selected or be added to the order. You can mark a product as Inactive from the Product Summary Page.

    1. Access Orders > Manage Orders.
    2. Select your order > Order Details page.
    3. Click Edit > Items.
    4. Select the plus icon.sellercloud order details page edit add items
    5. Use filters to find products more easily. Or, use SKU List Mode to paste a list of SKUs to search. Select your products > Add & Close.sellercloud order details add items to order search
    6. Your added products will appear in Items. Input the quantity of each item. You can also edit prices, discounts, or add item specific notes.sellercloud order details add skus to order items with skus
    7. Save.


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