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The Amazon Advertising API interacts with both Amazon and Sellercloud at the programming level, which simplifies your workflow by giving you easy access to your advertising options. Once configured, each product’s ad amount will be displayed in the Other Channel Fees column of the following Sellercloud reports:

Note that for the Product Ad Fees to be populated in the Profit by Product Summary and Details reports, the Date Type must be set to Transaction.

Configure the Amazon Advertising API

Configuring the API authorizes Sellercloud to interact with the Amazon Advertising API. This allows access to the Sponsored Products Ad Report.

AmazonAdvertisingAPIServices must be enabled for this workflow! Contact Sellercloud Support to ensure that this service is installed on your server.
  1. Go to Sellercloud Settings > Client Settings > Select Enable Amazon Advertising advertising api
  2. Go to your Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > General Settings > Select Action > Authorize SellerCloud for Amazon PPC > Go. You will be redirected to Seller Central where you can retrieve the advertising api
  3. Once Enable Amazon Advertising API is enabled, you will be able to view the new Amazon settings in your Company Settings. Go to your Company > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > General Settings > The information will automatically fill in after you retrieve the token.
    The token expires within an hour, but Sellercloud will automatically fetch a new token the next time we request a report.

    amazon advertising api

  4. A popup tab will appear that prompts you to log in to your Seller Central account. After authorizing Sellercloud, you will then be redirected to Sellercloud.
  5. Sellercloud will fetch your advertising profile. Only for unified accounts: If you have multiple profiles, select the one matching the country code of your company from the Advertising API Profile drop-down menu.
    1. To view the Advertising API Profile drop-down menu, go to Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > General Settings Advertising API Profile > Select your choice.     amazon advertising api
    2. To download the Advertising API Profile, go to Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > General Settings > Action menu > Download Advertising Profiles > Go.
      Retrieving the token for the first time automatically downloads the advertising profiles into Sellercloud. If you update the profiles, you will need to re-download them.

      amazon advertising api

  6. Take the following steps based on your account type:
    • For non-unified accounts: You are finished. Sellercloud will automatically download your Sponsored Products Ad report each night.
    • For unified accounts: The action Authorize Sellercloud for Amazon PPC will only appear for the parent company. However, the credentials will carry over to the child companies.
      • For each child company,  you will need to begin again at Step 4, and select the appropriate Advertising API Profile.

Amazon Advertising Report

You can request copies of the Amazon Advertising Report. To request:

  1. Go to Settings > Select your company > Toolbox Amazon Settings > General Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Action menu > Request/Download Amazon Advertising Report > Go.
  3. In the Report Type dropdown, select Report Type from the dropdown. You can choose productAds, adGroups, or campaigns.
  4. Select your Report Date.
  5. Click either Request & Download Report or Request and Save Report.
    • Request & Download Report: Sellercloud will download the report from Amazon as a ZIP file.
    • Request and Save Report: Sellercloud will request the report from Amazon, and save the data in Sellercloud.
      • If there is existing data in Sellercloud: You will be prompted to select Yes or No to continue. If you select Yes, the downloaded data will override the existing data.
      • If there is no existing data in Sellercloud: The data will download.
        amazon advertising api
  6.  After you request copies, you can view records of your requests. Go to Settings > Select your company > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > Advertising API Documents > Click View Request or View Responseamazon advertising api

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