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Effective May 23, 2022, Amazon has changed the way sellers manage buyer-initiated order cancellations for seller-fulfilled orders to make the process of managing these requests easier and more efficient. This article will guide you through the process of importing these cancellation requests in Sellercloud.
To be able to use this functionality your server must have a Last Write date of May 25, 2022 or later.
To import Buyer Cancellation requests in Sellercloud, the order report from Amazon must include an indicator that the buyer requested a cancellation. In the Amazon report file, this indicator will appear as is-buyer-requested-cancellation. If you do not have this column enabled, the orders will not update accordingly into Sellercloud.


  1. In Amazon Seller Central, go to Orders > Order Reports > See the top note New! Choose the columns you want to see in your order reports or visit this page here.
  2. Enable the Buyer requested cancel option and click Save Changes. A column with the same name will be included in the order report within your Seller Central account.The image shows the Amazon requested cancel option.
  3. When Sellercloud downloads and processes the order reports, if is-buyer-requested-cancellation = true, Sellercloud will place the order On Hold to prevent shipping while the seller deals with the cancellation request. Sellercloud will update the order with an On Hold status if it meets all the following criteria:
    • Shipping Status = Unshipped
    • Order Status = In Process
    • Dropship Status = None or Pending
  4. It is recommended to handle the cancellation within Sellercloud, otherwise, you will have to mark the order as Cancelled internally in Sellercloud after handling it in Sellercentral. You can read more about canceling an Amazon order here.
If the order is Shipped, Dropship requested, or not In Process, Sellercloud will not update the order status to On Hold.

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