Bonanza Products: Item Traits


Bonanza Traits are based on the selected category and display on the Bonanza Properties page. Traits are generally not required but can improve your listings and chance of a sale.

Export Bonanza Traits

The export will be pre-filled with the products and their selected categories. It will contain a separate row for each trait. Populate the Values column. You can also edit the categories and the relevant trait fields if necessary.

  1. Go to Catalog > Manage Catalog > select a product.
  2. Select Export Channel Info > Bonanza Traits > Export.Export Bonanza traits

Import Bonanza Traits

  1. Go to Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. In the Import Data panel, select Import Bonanza Traits.
  3. Click the Download button. Sellercloud supports .xls, .csv, and .txt.Import Bonanza traits
  4. Populate columns > save the file.
  5. Return to Import Bonanza Traits > Click to upload file > Import.


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