Endicia Pay-on-Use Return Label

Many customers would like a return label included in their order. Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Return Labels lets you provide your customer with that assurance and convenience. The return labels are not prepaid so you will not be charged unless it is used. Pay-on-Use must be enabled in your Endicia account.
ShipBridge supports Endicia’s Pay-on-Use Return Labels to auto-print return labels when printing U.S. Postage via Endicia Label Server. If Endicia Parcel Insurance has been purchased for the outbound label, it will automatically be purchased for the return label.
Pay-on-Use is supported for the following services:
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail
  • Parcel Select*
  • First-Class Package Service
and for the following package rates:
  • By weight and zone
  • Flat Rate Box or Envelope
  • Regional Rate Box
  • Cubic volume (if qualified)

The return label mirrors the outbound label, so it will only print when the outbound label is of the above services.

  1. Navigate Menu > Options > USPS > Endicia Label Server.
  2. Enable the setting Enable Pay on Use Return Labels.
  3. On the Orders Grid, a new column will appear – USPS Return Labels.
  4. Check the boxes in the column for the orders you want to print return labels.
  5. When printing labels, the return label will also print out.
  6. Your Endicia account will be deducted only when the label is actually used for return.
Endicia limits Pay-on-Use return labels to only print together with outbound shipping labels. It cannot be printed separately so is unavailable for RMA return labels in SellerCloud.

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