ExactShip Carrier Settings


This article explains how to configure Exactship carriers settings via the Sellercloud interface. Currently, this functionality is available only in Delta.

Enabling ExactShip carriers

Follow the steps below to enable Exactship carriers via the Sellerclound portal:

  1. Go to Settings > Client Settings > ExactShip Carrier Settings.Exactship Carrier Settings
  2. In the  Enabled Carriers panel, turn on the carriers you need by clicking the Enable/Disable toggle switch. By default, all the carriers are turned off.enabling carriers
  3. Enabled carriers can be configured in the separated panels. For further information please see the sections below.


Configuring shipping services

You can configure all the enabled carriers in the Shipping Services panel as described in the following steps:

  1. Click the Toolbox button in the upper right corner of the page.toolbox
  2. In the dropdown menu select the Shipping Services option.
  3. The Shipping Services tab shows all the enabled carriers and their settings in separate panels. By default, all the services are turned on.
  4. You can disable any option by clicking the corresponding toggle switch.
The system will automatically save your selection, both enabling and disabling options.

shipping services tab


Configuring carrier credentials

To configure carrier credentials:

  1. Click the Toolbox button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. In the dropdown menu select the Credentials item.credentials tab
  3. To add new credentials click the + icon in the Carrier Credential Settings panel.add new credentials
  4. Select a carrier, enter the credentials and click either the Test (to verify your credentials) or Save button.
    All the fields marked with * are required.

    test or save credentials

  5. All your saved credentials will be shown in the Carrier Credential Settings panel.saved credentials
  6. By clicking the down-arrow button you can expand the carrier credential settings.expanded credentials
  7. To test or edit carrier credentials or delete the whole row, hover over the right empty space of a line and choose the action. Also, you can delete several rows at once by checking up the check-boxes at their left and clicking the bin icon in the top right corner.

Configuring Carrier Credential Groups

Your carrier credentials must go under groups that are created using the Carrier Credentials Group panel. By using such groups, Exactship will recognize what carrier credentials to use for orders under a specific company.

A Carrier Credential Group can be associated only under one company. Similarly, a single group may only contain one piece of credential settings per carrier. This is why, if there are multiple credential settings for a given carrier (in the left panel), only one of them may be selected in the Credential group modal.

  1. To add a new group click the + icon.add group
  2. In the Add Carrier Credential Group pop-up window select a company, name, and carrier credential settings you would like to group. Click Save.grouping carriers
  3. All your groups will be shown in the Carrier Credentials Group panel.grouped carriers


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