Gift Cards in POSBridge

The POSBridge application has been deprecated by SellerCloud and is no longer supported.

Gift cards can be generated, managed and sold through the POS, using pre-printed gift cards as well as printing gift cards directly from the POS.

Configuring POSBridge for Gift Cards

  1. Create a generic Gift Card SKU in your SellerCloud catalog.
  2. Open POSBridge and navigate Settings > Walk -in Customer.
  3. Enter the Gift Card SKU into the Gift Card SKU field.
  4. To use pre-printed gift cards select Yes from the Allow ‘Pre-printed Gift Cards” dropdown.

Generating and Selling Gift Cards

  1. Under the Sales tab press the Generate Coupon button
  2. The customer will default to the customer that is currently selected on the Sales page, but you can search for and select another customer as well by clicking on the Search Customer link.
  3. When printing the Gift Card from the POS – Enter a card ID in the Coupon code field.
  4. When using a pre-printed gift card – Swipe the card through a card reader or scan the bar code to enter the card ID into SellerCloud.
  5. Enter a  gift card amount
  6. To set an expiration date on the card check the option to Add Expiration Date and select a date range on the card.
  7. Press the Generate button.
  8. After the gift card is generated, the pre-configured gift card SKU (see above) will automatically populate in the Sales grid.

The gift card ID and it’s associated value will be stored under the customer name in the Customer tab in SellerCloud. However, it can transfer automatically to any other customer. Meaning, if a customer purchases under their own name (not as the walk in customer, for example) they can still use the gift card as it will transfer automatically to their name in SellerCloud.


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