Groupon Stores

Groupon Stores Marketplace is a third-party marketplace where products can be created and sold on Groupon. To log in click here.

Integrating with Groupon Stores

SellerCloud’s integration is comprised of a manual order import and tracking export. Groupon Stores does not offer file sharing, so the files will need to be transferred manually.

If you have integrated a website with SellerCloud (other than a Magento website), create a separate company for Groupon Goods. This is because the orders will import as “Website” and you will want to be able to separate them from your regular website orders.

Import Orders

There are some Groupon Stores order import plug-ins that can be placed on your server by SellerCloud Support based on your needs. These plug-ins may be customized for individual clients, which may incur customization charges. Additionally you could use our import mapping tool to map the file yourself.

Exporting Tracking

There is no Groupon Stores order export plug-in to export tracking. You can use our export mapping tool to map this to a format that Groupon Stores can recognize.

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