Holding a POS Bridge Order

The POSBridge application has been deprecated by SellerCloud and is no longer supported.

At times you may want to set aside a customer purchase in the middle of the checkout and retrieve it later. This can be for several reasons:

  1. The customer went back to pick up another item from the shelf. You would like to set the current customers order aside, move on to the next customer, and then retrieve the first customer’s order when the customer returns to the counter.
  2. The customer calls in an order and will pay when picking up the order. Alternatively, the customer leaves the store to return later with payment.

Typically, most retailers only need to manage the first scenario.

  1. After entering several items in the POS, press the Hold Bill button. No receipt will be generated for this order. It is only temporarily held (no order number saved to SellerCloud), so if the POS is closed for some reason, the order will disappear.
  2. Move on to the next customer.
  3. Press the Retrieve Bill button.
  4. Double click on the held order to return it to the Sales window.
  5. Complete the checkout.

To save the held order and generate a receipt to use to retrieve the order as in the second scenario:

  1. First configure POS Bridge to save the held order
    • Open the Settings window.
    • Open the Walk-in Customer tab.
    • Select Yes in the Save ‘Held” Bills dropdown.
  2. On the Sales window, press the Hold Bill button. The order will save to SellerCloud with an “On Hold” status. A receipt will be generated with a order number and bar code.
  3. Press the Retrieve Bill button.
  4. Scan in the receipt. Alternatively, click the Search Orders tab to search by other order info, like the customer’s name.
  5. On the grid press the Retrieve Order link to bring the order back to the Sales window.
  6. Complete the checkout.


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