Import Amazon RMAs

An Amazon customer may initiate a return through Amazon. They will automatically authorize the return and send the customer a prepaid shipping label.

A return report can be downloaded from Amazon and imported into Sellercloud automatically by enabling the Client Setting Download and process RMA report from Amazon.

  • If the item in the report is a kit parent, SellerCloud will add the components to the RMA instead of the parent
  • Amazon RMA ID will be saved to the Order Source RMA #
  • A label tracking number will be added as an RMA note
  • RMAs will only be imported if their status on the report is “Approved”
  • The resolution will be set to Refund
  • RMA status will be Open

Pulling the RMA file from Amazon

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click Reports > Return Reports.
  3. Choose the report type, set the date range, and click Request.
  4. Click Refresh to see the finished report in the grid.
  5. Click Download to open the XML or TSV format file.
  6. Import the RMA file to SellerCloud, following the procedure below.
Note: You can click Schedule Report Generation to configure an automated returns report process, but this requires enabling the Client Setting Download and process RMA report from Amazon.

Importing the Amazon RMA file to Sellercloud

  1. Click Orders > Manage RMA.
  2. Select Import RMA.
  3. Select the company > in the RMA Plugin field, choose Amazon RMA Import.
  4. Upload the file you pulled from Amazon > click Import RMAs.
Note: you will need to have the plugin installed named Amazon RMA Import Plugin. This can be added by requesting Sellercloud Support to do so.

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