Inventory Update on Wish

Enabling the inventory upload option on the Wish general settings page will cause inventory to automatically update to Wish.

To manually update inventory:
  • Individually: On Wish properties page, select Export Inventory on Action Menu. Press Go.
  • On multiple products: On Manage Inventory page, select products and select Update Inventory on Channels from Action Menu. Press Go, and then select Wish and press Continue.
Please note: If Wish promotes an item, you can not reduce inventory. Therefore you may want to safeguard from overselling with the following options
  1. Set a fixed quantity – Set a low fixed qty on the Wish properties page check the Use Default/Fixed Qty checkbox. Use a default fixed quantity, set on the Wish General Settings page, or enter a qty for the product.
  2. Allocate inventory – Allocate inventory for Wish by creating a warehouse  and transferring inventory for Wish to that new warehouse. Then, on the Channel warehouse page (Company Settings > Toolbox > Channel Warehouse) select the wish warehouse for the wish channel and check the Restrict Inventory checkbox. This configuration will reserve inventory for wish orders from the wish warehouse and restrict inventory updates to inventory that is in the Wish warehouse.
Read more about Wish policy for product promotions here.

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