Limit Available Inventory to Specific Warehouse

By default, inventory in sellable warehouse will be available for all channels. However, you can restrict inventory to a specific warehouse for a given channel.


  • SKU123 has an inventory quantity of 20 in Warehouse A and a quantity of 5 in Warehouse B:
    • Available inventory sent to Amazon can be restricted to 20 = inventory quantity in Warehouse A, while
    • Available inventory for eBay can be restricted to 5 = inventory quantity in Warehouse B

Once this is done, the available inventory for the channel shown on the channel page will be restricted to that warehouse. Orders from that channel will deduct from the selected warehouse, and inventory feeds will be sent from that warehouse.

In image #1 below, product B002G9UGT8 has an available quantity of 10 across all sellable warehouses. However, 0 are available in the Ecommerce NJ warehouse, as set in image #2.

As shown in image #2 below, by choosing the Ecommerce NJ warehouse in the company’s Channel Warehouse page and clicking the Restrict Inventory Usage box, the available inventory for eBay will be 0, as shown in the red box in image 1.

If the inventory was not restricted, the quantity in the red box would have been 2 because the fixed price listing quantity is 2.

Products that are replenishable will always show the fixed quantity because they ignore the actual available quantity.

  1. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Channel Warehouse.
  2. Locate the channel to which you want to restrict inventory.
  3. Select a warehouse.
  4. Enable the Restrict Inventory Usage option.

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