Lowes Account Integration


Lowe’s is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world, helping homeowners and renters enhance their homes and businesses. Learn how to integrate your Lowe’s and Sellercloud accounts.

Integrate with Lowes

You must have the following accounts to integrate your Lowe’s account with Sellercloud:

CommerceHub To integrate with Lowes, you need to have an account with CommerceHub.com, the management software used by Lowes for EDI document transmission. You will be assigned a Partner Setup Specialist who will work with Sellercloud Support to integrate your account and get you live on Lowes.
Van – Mailbox Account Sellercloud Support will set up a VAN mailbox by which documents transfer between Commerce Hub (acting as courier to Lowes) and Sellercloud.

To integrate Lowe’s with Sellercloud:

  1. Go to Settings Companies Manage Companies > Select a company.
  2. In Toolbox, select Lowes General Settings > Edit.
  3. Check Lowes Enabled to make products available for listing on Lowes.
  4. Fill in your credentials > Enter the FTP info > Save.Lowes credentials

Lowes Settings Explained

You can manage Lowe’s settings from the General Settings page.
Lowes general settings

Lowes Enabled Makes products available for Lowes listing
Lowes FTP Server (VAN FTP Url) FTP info is provided by Commerce Hub if you choose sFTP. Or, by Sellercloud Support if you choose to use a VAN.
Lowes FTP User Name (VAN Customer Mailbox ID)
Lowes FTP Password (VAN Customer Mailbox Password)
FTP Port (Leave Zero For Auto)
Use Passive FTP data transfer mode when the FTP client initiates both connections to the server solving the problem of firewalls filtering the data port connection from the server.
Login Email Lowes credentials
Login Password
Customer ISA Qualifier Provided by Commerce Hub
Customer ISA ID
Lowes ISA Qualifier
Lowes ISA ID
Supplier/Warehouse ID
Order Handling Fee The amount to be charged per order.
Damage Allowance The fees declared in percentage. Deducted from the order Profit & Loss. They are included in the Order Cost, which affects profit.
Return Allowance
Advertising Fee
Early Pay Discount
Order Handling Fee Is Per Item Check if the handling fee will be charged once per each individual product in an order.
Order Discount Discount applied at the order level. Declared in percentage.
Enable Inventory Upload  Enable this setting to let Lowes upload inventory information from Sellercloud.
Enable Invoice Upload Invoices Lowes for each order.
Enable Order Download Enable this setting for the orders to be downloaded from Lowes to your Sellercloud account.
Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement Informs Lowes that the order file has been received.
Enable Order Acknowledgement Informs Lowes that the order was brought to process successfully.
Enable Order Fullfillment Upload Enable for the tracking and Ship Date to be automatically sent to update the order status on Lowes.
Delete FTP Files After Processing If left unchecked, incoming files will not be removed from the FTP and may cause a timeout during retrieval. It may be smart to check this option only after you test the order download.
Import Orders As UnPaid Allow importing orders with zero price on them.
Requires Third Party Shipping Enable if you want your order to ship through a third party’s account.
Safety Qty A buffer between the amount of inventory you have and the amount Sellercloud is sending to the channel to prevent overselling on high selling items.
Default Qty Only applies to Replenishable products. For these products, the Default quantity is the number that will always be sent to the channel in inventory updates regardless of the actual available inventory.


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