Magento Order Payment Status

Authorize vs. Authorize and Capture

When processing credit card payments on Magento through, you can choose between the following two configuration options:
  • Authorize — The funds are held by the cardholder’s bank in reserve to be collected at a future date. They are held until the merchant initiates a capture request.
  • Authorize and Capture — The funds are transferred to the merchant right away.
When using PayPal as the processor, the corresponding options are Authorization and Sale.

Download Magento Orders as Charged

To ensure that Magento orders with a credit card payment download into SellerCloud with a Charged status, configure your Magento installation in the following manner:
  1. In your Magento Portal, go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods.
  2. Open the tab. Set the Payment Action drop-down to Authorize and Capture. For PayPal, set the Payment Action to Sale.
  3. Set the New Order Status drop-down to Processing regardless of your payment processor.
    This image shows the Payment Action and the New Order Status options.

Download Magento Orders as Authorized

Some merchants may not want to capture the payment until the item is shipped.
  1. Configure the payment methods in Magento to Authorize. See above.
  2. In Sellercloud, enable the Magento Company Setting Consider Authorized orders as Charged. This setting allows you to ship the order even if payment has not yet been applied.
  3. Then use the following options to capture payment upon shipping:
    1. Auto Capture Payment — Enable client setting Charge Magento Order Payment When Shipped.
    2. Manually Capture Payment — On the order details page, use the action Capture Magento Payment.
    3. If you allow shipping for unpaid orders — In ShipBridge, go to Menu > Options > Scan and Ship, and enable the setting Allow processing of payments. In the Scan and Ship window, under the Payments tab, press the Capture Payment button to manually capture the payment.


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