Managing PayPal invoices

PayPal invoices can be generated from Sellercloud and emailed to the customer for payment.

Configuring PayPal invoices

This feature requires a one-time PayPal configuration:

  1. Log into PayPal.
  2. Click the account settings icon.
  3. On My Profile, click My selling tools.
  4. Under API Access, click Update.
  5. Click Grant API permissions.
  6. Enter “” into the Third Party Permission Username field and click Lookup.
  7. On the Permissions page, select Manage your invoicing through a third party and click Save. This will enable Sellercloud to create and manage invoices on your behalf.
  8. In Sellercloud, add your company logo to the invoices by selecting the Client Setting Send Logo with paypal invoice.
  9. You can now generate invoices for orders.
The email address on the company’s Toolbox > eBay Settings > Paypal Settings is used as the merchant’s email address (required) on PayPal invoices.

Creating a PayPal invoice

  1. On the Order Detail page, click Action Menu > Manage PayPal Invoices > Go.
  2. Click Send New Invoice.
  3. Enter an internal memo, if applicable.
  4. If applicable, enter Terms (these will appear in the PayPal invoice’s Terms and Conditions area).
  5. Enter an optional message for the payer (this will appear in the PayPal invoice’s Notes area).
  6. Click Continue. The customer will be sent a PayPal invoice by email.
  7. After payment is received, the Order Status will update to Fully Paid.

Cancelling a PayPal invoice

To cancel a PayPal invoice that was generated through Sellercloud:

  1. On the Order Detail page > click Action Menu > Manage PayPal Invoices > Go.
  2. Select the invoice on the grid > click Action Menu > Cancel Invoice > Go.
  3. Change the Cancel Reason/Subject for the email as desired.
  4. Click Cancel Invoice. The customer will be sent an email about the cancellation.

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