NetSuite Tracking import

NetSuite Get Tracking Order Export

You need to be using the Order Export plugin in order to be able to pull in the tracking information later on from NetSuite.

  1. Create a saved search for unshipped orders that are NSExported (a custom column you created for the order export).
  2. The plugin will search for the order in NS and will look for tracking/ship method info.
    • If there is no tracking or ship method, we will skip the order
    • The ship carrier is not defined properly in NS. Therefore, we try to extract it from the ship method in NS. If we can’t extract it, we will put “Other” as the carrier.
    • If there is one tracking number, we will generate one order package and apply tracking number for all items to this package.
    • If there is more than one tracking number: (NS doesn’t apply items for each tracking)
      1. If there is only one unit in the order (that is not a kit), we cannot apply more than one tracking to this order and will only store the first one.
      2. If there are the same amount of order items and tracking numbers, we will apply each item to another tracking number.
      3. If there are more items in the order than tracking numbers, we will apply each unit to another tracking until we are finished applying each tracking. The remaining units will automatically be set to the last package in the order. All and main component kits will be broken down by component as well.

Custom Company Settings

These custom company settings should have already been created for the order export. Make sure the information is populated correctly. (under the DEFAULT company)

  1. NetSuiteService_AccountID – NetSuite account ID. This can be found under Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences.
  2. NetSuiteService_Username – login username (email)
  3. NetSuiteService_Password – login password
  4. NetSuiteService_UserRoleID – the role id of the user (needs to be an admin or full access role)

Using the Netsuite Tracking Import Plugin

Set up a scheduled task for Order Export. Select the NetSuite Tracking plugin on the task.

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