Netsuite Inventory Import

NetSuite Inventory Import

  1. The plugin will search for all inventory items in NetSuite with OnHandQty. It will try to update the SC products by searching for the SKU. (The item name in NS needs to match the SC sku).
  2. If a product is found in SC, it will set the physical qty in the warehouse defined by the custom setting. (See note below )
  3. If a SC product is not found in the results from NS, it’ll update the physical qty in the NS warehouse to 0.
  4. The scheduled task option “Create Products for Company” should be the default company where the custom settings are defined. This does not limit the products being updated in SC to this company, but rather it will update any product that matches the NS productid for this CLIENT. The “Import From” option should be set to “None”.

Custom Company Settings

These custom company settings should have already been created for the order export. Make sure the information is populated correctly (under the DEFAULT company):

  1. NetSuiteService_AccountID – NetSuite account ID. This can be found under Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences.
  2. NetSuiteService_Username – login username (email).
  3. NetSuiteService_Password – login password.
  4. NetSuiteService_UserRoleID – the role id of the user (needs to be an admin or full access role).
  5. NetSuite_WarehouseID – the warehouse id that the inventory will be updated to.
  6. NetSuiteLocations – the NetSuite location IDs that the plugin should get inventory from. For more than one location ID, separate by semicolon.
To make the plugin more efficient, it uses ranges to update inventory. The plugin will set all items within each range to the lower end of the range.
The plugin currently uses these ranges (but are flexible, if need be):
  • 0-2
  • 2-4
  • 4-6
  • 6-8
  • 8-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20-25
  • 25-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-75
  • 75-100
  • 100-150
  • 150-200
  • 200-250
  • 250-500
  • 500-10000000
For example: An item with an inventory of 5 will be set to 4 in SellerCloud.

Using the NetSuite Inventory Import plugin

Set up a scheduled task for product import. Select the NetSuite Product import plugin on the task.

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