Newegg Shipping Label Service

You can use this feature for orders that meet these requirements:

  • Order must originate from NewEgg
  • NewEgg API must be integrated and active
You may want to use the Shipped by Newegg (SBN) feature instead of buying shipping labels from Newegg.
  1. In the order > click Action Menu > Buy Shipping from > Go.
  2. Select carrier and shipping service.
  3. The Ship From Warehouse field can be selected, or it will set by default to the warehouse on the order.
  4. The Ship from address field auto-populates from the shipping warehouse information. If this information is blank, company address is used.
  5. Enter the package dimensions: Width, Height, Length, and Weight > Save Settings.
  6. After completing all fields correctly, click Action Menu > Submit Shipping Request.
  7. The shipping request can always be Voided, Confirmed, and Queried from the Action Menu.
  8. Once approved, you can pull the packing list and shipping label.

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