Newegg Volume Discount Pricing

A volume discount is an adjustment to the price of a product based on the quantity of that product in an order. By offering volume discounts, sellers are able to reward those who purchase a multiple quantity of goods.
NewEgg Marketplace volume discount is designed as a 3-tier calculation with a defined qty, price, and shipping rule.
On the NewEgg properties page:
  1. Set a regular price in the price field. or use the the default site price. This will be the price for 1 unit.
  2. Check the Enable Volume Discount option.
  3. In the Volume Discount 1, 2 and 3 sections enter quantities that can be purchased at the discount price. Then select to offer free shipping on each tier. In the example below the product is priced at $1000. Volume discounts are as follows:
    • Customer buys 2-3 priced at $800
    • Customer buys 4-5 priced at $750
    • Customer buys – 6 or more priced at $720
The discount quantity for each tier is entered as a single number. However, the tier includes purchases until the the qty at the next tier is reached. So, in this case, entering “2” in the 1st tier will include qty of “2” and “3”. Here is how the volume discounts displays on the NewEgg listing:



Please note:

  • It can take some time before the updates are processed by NewEgg.
  • Volume discount setting will not be available for customers if an ongoing promotion price is less than the Volume Discount 1 price.
  • Volume discount is only available for shipping destination as United States.

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