Order Export Plugins

There is no limit to the ways you can export orders from SellerCloud when you use an order an order export plugin. The plugin is a .net assembly that contains instructions on how to create the export file. Instead of just mapping an order of columns for the export file, the assembly allows you to do more complicated things like having one row per line item or one row per product. You can also manipulate the values that are exported, allowing it to conform to any standard.

Once the plugin is written, and compiled it is placed in the plugins folder on the server and you can then have the new format available whenever you try to export orders. A dropdownlist populates with a list of all the available formats.

To export orders with a plug in:
  1. Select orders from the Manage Orders grid.
  2. Open the action menu and select Export Orders. Then press GO. Alternatively, click on the green excel icon at the top right corner above the order grid.
  3. On the following page, select the plugin from the format dropdown.
  4. Check the “Mark as Exported” if desired. This option is typically used when you need to track which orders were exported.
  5. Press Export Orders to enter the export into the job queue.

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