Payment Settings Overview


In Sellercloud, you can configure your Payment Settings by integrating with, our payment processing solution that allows you to receive payments from your customers by generating a unique payment link that you can email to them.

We support two types of payment methods – Credit Card Payments and ACH. has integrations with CardKnox, Square, and Stripe as payment processors.

Check out our article here to learn more about how works!

Integrate with

Follow the steps described below to complete the integration. Once you are integrated with, you can easily manage your payment processing services per each individual company.

  1. Go to
  2. In the Team Name field, enter your Sellercloud team name, or follow the Click here link to create a new one.
  3. Click Continue.Way To Pay Me Integration 1
  4. Enter your Sellercloud login credentials. Click the arrow to proceed.Integrate with Way to Pay
  5. Read and click Accept to agree with the service terms.
  6. Enter your payment details. Alternatively, click Skip to add card info later.Skip Card Info
  7. Once you are in your account, you can manage your payment processors’ settings by clicking the Settings button.
    Payment Setting per Company

Connect your Payment Processors

Once you have configured your account, the next step would be integrating one of our supported payment processors.

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