Paypal API for Local Orders

Sellercloud can usePayPal as a credit card processor for manual credit card transactions. Each company in Sellercloud can be set to use a different PayPal account.

An account with Sellercloud’s application is required to add a PayPal account for local orders.

To avoid address verification system mismatches, you can use the client setting Send Billing address for Credit Card Payment instead of Shipping Address to control whether to send the Ship To address or the Billing address.

There is a separate configuration for setting up PayPal for eBay Orders. However, the same credentials may be used for both. Please follow the steps below to get the PayPal API information.
  1. Log in to
  2. Go to PayPal Tools & Resources > Integrate PayPal > API Credentials.sellercloud paypal toolssellercloud paypal api credentials
  3. Click NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic).sellercloud paypal class api credentials
  4. Select Request API signature > Agree > Submit to generate a set of Signature credentials.
  5. In Sellercloud, enter your credentials under Company Settings > eBay Settings > PayPal Settings.
  6. Next, navigate to Company Settings > Payment Settings.
  7. Click Select CC Processor.
  8. Click Edit next to PayPal and enter credentials in corresponding fields. Save.
  9. Check the radio button next to PayPal to select it as the processor and save.

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