Posting a Grouped Product on Magento

Grouped products is a Magento product configuration where similar or related products are displayed on one page. Magento tutorials gives the following two examples:

  1. “If you’re selling chef’s knives and you have a set of knives in four sizes and styles, you can make a grouped product to display all four sizes. Customers can select the size(s) they want and add to cart from this page.”
  2.  “Another example would be a themed bedroom set – you can create a grouped product and sell the sheets, comforter, and pillow cases all from the same page.” 
You can post a kit as a grouped product. As opposed to other channels where the kit posts as one listing and the customer must purchase the entire kit, the kit will post on Magento as grouped products and the customer will be able to purchase the components individually. Please note that the components of the kit need to be posted separately and individually to Magento for the group product to display.
Follow the steps below to post a kit as a product group.
  1. On the Magento General Settings page make sure the following two settings are enabled
    • Enable plugin for Inventory Management
    • Post Kit as Product Group
  2. Post the kit components to Magento (if they are not already posted). The components will post as Simple Products.
  3. Post the kit parent to Magento. The parent will post as a Grouped Product.
  4. On the Magento admin portal, the components of the kit will display on the kit parent under the Associated Products tab.

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