Posting Variations to Walmart Marketplace

Follow these steps to lists a matrix to Walmart Marketplace.

  1. Set up an N-Matrix.
  2. Ready and enable the parent and all variations for Walmart Marketplace. This is because, unlike eBay, the variation children get posted individually and are only “linked” by the variation tag.
  3. Likewise, the variation image is posted from the product itself, not from the matrix image configuration. Whatever primary image you have for the variation SKU will be sent to Walmart.
  4. Go to the matrix parent WM Properties page and press on the attributes link (this is done after a category has been selected).
  5. Select the dimensions you want to use for the listing variation configuration. Do not enter any value in the selected dimensions
  6. Save the selection.
  7. The bottom of the page will display a Walmart variation configuration that lists all your products in the n-matrix.
  8. Enter values in the dimension columns to associate a product with the variation.
  9. Save.
  10. Post the parent to Walmart Marketplace
For N-matrixes already posted on a channel, you can add and remove variants to the existing N-matrix in SellerCloud, but most channels will not allow you to update the N-Matrix that is already posted. In order to update it, you need to end the listing and post the newly updated N-Matrix.


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