ProStores Order Import

Importing orders from a ProStores account is currently a manual process and involves a few steps:

  1. Export orders into a file by going to the ProStores Store Administrator, Support->Export Data
  2. On the next page, select a date range. It is better to use a longer date range since SellerCloud will make sure that the same orders aren’t imported twice.
    Note: ProStores always defaults to export today’s orders.

  3. After clicking the Export button, the export file can be downloaded from the next page.
    Note: the download file always has the same name and even if you click the link from one of the older request times, it will always download the latest file.
  4. Goto Microsoft Excel and open the downloaded CSV file and then Save As format Tab Delimited. Open SellerCloudOrderImport.exe and login with your SellerCloud username and password
  5. Select Import-> Pro Store from the menu and browse the file orders.txt
  6. Select the appropriate company from the dropdownlist and click the ‘Import Orders’ buttom. After the orders are processed it will give details about how many orders were processed successfully.
Note: Prostores allows certain invalid input like invalid email addresses that are rejected by SellerCloud,and the SellerCloudOrderImport tool will give an error message detailing these issues if they occur so that the file can be modified and resubmitted.

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