Refunds/Returns in POSBridge

The POSBridge application has been deprecated by SellerCloud and is no longer supported.

Processing a return is managed under the Sales Return tab.

  1. Scan or type in the receipt # in the Receipt # field. The click Get Receipt. If the customer does not have a receipt, you press the Search Receipts button to locate the purchase.
  2. After the purchase displays in the grid, enter the return amount in the Return column.
  3. Enter a return reason.
  4. Press Refund.
  5. Select a refund method. If the order was paid with a credit card, the credit card info will auto load when the method Credit Card has been selected.
  6. The full amount to refund will auto load but it can be edited for a partial refund.  Please be aware that requires the same card and full amount be refunded. Split refunds will only work with the other methods.
  7. Press Process to load the refund amount and method into the refund grid.
  8. When you are ready to refund, press Save.
  9. Two receipts will be generated for printing – customer and merchant copies.
  10. The return will be recorded in SellerCloud in the inventory movement and the item will be retruned to the same warehouse from which it was deducted.
  11. The request generated will be a “Void” or “Refund” request depending on the cut-off time set under the Credit Card Processor tab in the Settings tab.

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