Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the oldest and largest letter and parcel delivery service in the United Kingdom, delivering a one-price-goes-anywhere, six days a week service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK. 

To integrate ShipBridge with Royal Mail’s API:
  1. Navigate Menu > Options > Royal Mail.
  2. Enter the following credentials.
    • Account Number – This is the ten digit Customer Account Number allocated by Royal Mail
    • Username – API username which will be supplied by RM
    • Password – Password Digest constructed as defined in ws-security Username Token Profile with the SHA-1 hash of the plain text password used as the password information. The plain text password will be provided to you by RM. See section below for details on how to construct this value.
  3. Check the Use Royal Mail checkbox.

To install the certificate:
  1. You will be sent an email from Royal Mail Group Certificate Authority with a URL.
  2. Click on the URL to download a ZIP File. Extract the file.
  3. Inside the file will be instructions on how to install the Certificate.
  4. Or do as follows: 
    1. Start the Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard
    2. Click Next
    3. The Browse Should Default to where the cert is located, if it does not- Find the location of the extracted file and keep clicking in until you find the file that ends in p.12
    4. Enter the certificate password which will also be provided to you by Royal Mail. You must also tick the “Enable strong private key protection” option and leave unticked the “Mark the private key as exportable” option (these are strict requirements of Royal MailSecurity Policy). Press Next
    5. Leave it on the automatic setting and click Next 
    6. A summary screen will shown and then click “Finished”.
    7. You will now be prompted with a number of Microsoft CryptoStore dialogue boxes, Select “Set Security level”
    8. Royal Mail Group’s certificate security policies requires that you must choose the “High” setting and click Next.
    9. You can now set a different password if desired. 
    10. PASSWORD FOR: A reminder of the password etc.. Press Next:
    11. You will be taken back to original screen. Press OK. Success message.
  5. In ShipBridge – Go back to the Royal Mail Tab.
  6. Click on the Select button next to the Certificate field and select the newly imported certificate.
  7. Enter password from 1.
  8. Set the service occurrence to be 1.
  9. Test Credentials
Please note: Due to Royal Mail regulations you will need to enter your certificate password each time the application starts.

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