Sell on Bungzie offers a large range of product categories. They attract customers with daily deals, with new deals going live every day.

As a fulfillment channel, Bungzie sell the products under their name and dropships customer orders for your products to you.

Bungzie is integrated for order management via order import and tracking export plugins.

Order Import

  1. A Bungzie order import plugin can be placed you server by SellerCloud Support
  2. Navigate to Orders > Import Orders
  3. Select Company. Bungzie orders import as Website orders, so you may want to create a separate company for Bungzie.
  4. Select Website/Plugin type.
  5. Select the plugin.
  6. Choose file and import

Tracking export

  1. Select shipped orders on Manage Orders page.
  2. Press the export icon, or select Export Orders in the action menu.
  3. Select the Bungzie plugin.
  4. Check the button to mark the orders as exported. This way you can filter for new orders as “Not Exported”.
  5. Export.

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