Sell on CS-Cart Overview

CS-Cart is a popular shopping cart is that is packed with powerful features ready to go out-of-the-box. It is a licensed-for-life platform starting with a one-time license fee.

Integrating CS-Cart

An API USername and Password must be generated on CS-Cart.
2 plugins need to be deployed to integrate CS-Cart with SellerCloud. These plugins can be deployed by SellerCloud Support or given to your developers.
  • The DLL plugin is deployed on your SellerCloud server. The PHP plugin is deployed on the CS-Cart FTP.
  • Currently, we are supporting V2 and V3 type listing part export.
  1. In SellerCloud navigate Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Website.
  2. Select Custom in the Store Type dropdown.
  3. Select CS-Cart in the Store Plugin dropdown.
  4. Enable the settings when you are ready to download orders and update inventory and set an order limit download date to prevent old order from importing into SellerCloud, if applicable. But first, complete the next steps.
  5. Now navigate to Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website.
  6. Enable Authentication.
  7. Enter your Website URL.
  8. Add the API Username and Password from CS-Cart and save.
  9. Enter your Tax Class. This tax class will be tagged on products when posting to CS-Cart. The tax class rate is set up on CS-Cart.
  10. Signup for Notification for Out of Stock Product – When this setting is enabled and the inventory on a product is 0 an “Out of Stock” tag will be sent in the inventory feed.
  11. Save.

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